Hi, I'm Diane!

Diane Faist — Life Coach, Energy Healer, Teacher, Trainer and Author


How I Can Help

I am a positive, upbeat, optimistic, Heart-Based Life Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer & Teacher. In my sessions, you will find me direct and honest, yet at the same time gentle and compassionate. Through the power of divine energy, I connect to your inner spirit — the TRUE YOU — where we can make significant progress!

I often help people facing stress — finding their purpose in life, dealing with relationships, career decisions, loss and more. Others need healing support for physical, mental, or emotional challenges. Energy Healing compliments other medical care approaches and is a complete system for self-care and self-help.

I illuminate your strong inner self — revealing the deep, meaningful and powerful foundation that defines who YOU really are — so that you can see a path to success.

Does this sound familiar? Contact me today to schedule your 15 minute appointment for a free connection call, and we will set your success in motion.

Training & Certifications

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Energy-based Life Coaching

Intuitive listening & connecting with the True You to identify a path to success

Distance Healing

Everything is energy; experienced in healing near and far

Training on The Art of Reading Energy

Teaching you the forgotten art of using our God-Given abilities to sense & move energy

Power Reiki Master for Chronic Illness & Pain

Innovative Channeled Energy Healing for temporary or chronic illness and pain

Intuitive Readings

Tuning into your individual energy to highlight your opportunities & challenges

9 Rites of the Munay-ki

Transforms and upgrades your luminous energy field; an invitation to dream a whole new world

Quantum Touch, the Power to Heal

Uses life forces energy, the power to heal


Using energy meridian points to provide relief from pain, addictions, disease and more

Chakra Energy System

Connecting to your inner self through the energy fields that flow through and around us

Channel Energy

Connecting to active energy through spirit guides or to communicate with others living or dead

Ancient Runic Healing

Ancient Powerful Healing Tools used for discerning modern life answers

Certified Angel Card Reader

Certified by Hay House renowned Angel/Tarot Experts Doreen Virtue & Rayleigh Valentine

Speaking in Tongues

Automatic speaking, directed by Spirit, with a message for YOU. Also expressed as written or art

Mystic Psychic Work

Connecting to your soul through means beyond our traditional five senses

Eden Energy Medicine

Activating natural healing energies & restoring energies that have become weak, disturbed, or out of balance

Practical Reiki Master

Reiki for Balance, Well-being & Vibrant Health. Approved by Ohio Board of Nurses